Saturday, July 17, 2010

Banana Muffin < Banana Bread

banana bread.

Totally boring, old news.
Who would want to start off an epic culinary blog with a post about banana bread?

Good thing Jared and I really mixed things up, and made banana muffins.

We used a recipe from Edward Espe Brown's
Tassajara Bread Book, which has been a source of obsession and inspiration for breadmakers,
breadlovers, and whole-wheat-weirdos for a long time now.

The taste was about the same in muffin-form as it was in loaf-form, but the texture was a bit different. Chewier, baked-through, firmer, generally
less delightful than the classic loaf.

we learned:

1. Etta James is the right soundtrack for banana muffins.
2. Cooling racks are elitist.
3. Teatree toothpicks taste funny with 'nana-dough on them.

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  1. This post raises the troubling question: Which is sweeter, banana-based baked treats, or adorable pictures of my friends baking banana-based baked treats?