Tuesday, July 20, 2010

S'ghetti Fritters > Cold, Leftover Spaghetti

You know how ever time you make spaghetti you make too much? It's okay, just admit it. Everyone does it. There's nothing wrong with you and there's certainly nothing wrong with having too much spaghetti. Cold, leftover spaghetti can, however, get monotonous. We gots the soluntion: S'ghetti Fritters yo!

You will need:
leftover spaghetti
veggies (we used carrot, mushroom, hot peppers, eggplant, and onion)
an egg or so
frying oil
spices (try paprika and various Italian spices)

Chop it! All of it! Mix it together. Then, in a separate bowl, beat your egg and add flour until you have a nice batter. Blend this into the other ingredients. Add flower until the mix becomes cohesive. Your goal should be to make these into patties. After you've formed patties, coat them in flower or breading. At this point, I recommend putting them into the refrigerator to give the patties more integrity. Then, fry that shit! We deep fried them, but just a regular pan fry would be fine. Deep frying is your best bet though. Nothing ever tastes bad deep fried.

This whole process worked out much better than I had thought it would. The hot peppers we added to the mix really made the dish. They spiced it up and made it seem like an entirely new dish made from scratch.

When you're done they should look something like this -------->


  1. Heyo! It's James, of Christina and James. I was stoked to hear you started a food blog, I love food blogs. =D

    I'll report back about any of your dishes I make.

    PS: Check out my blog I started a month or so ago.

  2. oh yea, and check out this blog, it's my favorite food blog. You might get some cool ideas.


  3. Ooo. Did you and Toni make this with the leftover pasta from the other day?! Also, Jared is this your blog?!?! I have a blog too, doesn't involve food though really.

  4. I can personally attest to the deliciousness of S'ghetti Fritters... Jared made them at my house last week and they. were. so. good.